Bank loan

e.g. a credit line at your house bank

The bank usually lacks the understanding for your business. Although your products are doing great, the bank sees the negative balance sheets and horrendous costs and will be reluctant to provide you with capital. Negotiations take a long time and many documents and data are needed (BWAs, financial statements, business plan etc.). Myos is only interested in your products: If you sell good products, you get money for them - that's it. The bank loans are for years and you have to guarantee your house and home. Myos, on the other hand, works completely without risk or guarantees, because we only take your goods as collateral. In addition, you can pay back at any time within 9 months - even if you realize after a week that you don't need the money anymore, you simply pay it back and the Myos project is finished. Of course without extra costs.

Finetrading (financing of goods purchased)

Exemplary finetraders: VAI, aifinyo, entrafin

We do not buy the goods and do not sell them on to you as a middleman or finetrader would. We do not contact your supplier and therefore protect your competitive advantage. There is no fixed repayment schedule, so you can pay back when it suits you best - for example, when you have sold goods and need replenishment. Finetraders usually have hidden extra costs, such as connection fees. Myos, on the other hand, is always transparent: there are no expensive surprises or extra costs. Pay special attention to price deception with Finetraders! A fee of 5% for a 6-month redemption plan is not the equivalent of 10% interest per year, but almost 20%.

Factoring (sale of receivables)

Examples of factoring companies: aifinyo, Headway Capital

If you sell your goods to large companies such as REWE, Alnatura, dm and Co., you may have to wait a long time for your money. A factoring company collects the receivables from the debtor and therefore interferes massively in your customer relations. Myos never contacts your customers or manufacturers. Instead, we help you out with capital to bridge the waiting period until the money is received. This allows you to supply major players with goods without compromising your cash flow.

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