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What benefits does Myos offer?
What benefits does Myos offer?

And why you should choose us ❤️

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No guarantee: We take over your risk

With other providers, you must guarantee your house and home, Myos only takes your goods as security. We operate entirely without personal risk or guarantees so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible repayment without extra costs

You can pay back at any time within 12 months - even if after a week you realize you don't need the money anymore, you simply pay it back and the Myos project is finished. At no extra cost, of course.

Quick and easy to use

You are annoyed by financiers and banks because you have to present BWAs, annual accounts, and business plans? With Myos, none of this is necessary, because we look first and foremost at your products. Apply for your financing quickly and easily online, without long forms or paperwork.

No contact with suppliers & customers

We do not buy the goods and do not sell them to you as a middleman or fine trader would. We do not contact suppliers or customers and protect your competitive advantage.

Always available for you

We handle the Myos projects online and digitally. Nevertheless, we are always available to answer your questions. Just call, write us in the chat or send us an e-mail. You are also welcome to visit us at trade fairs or in our Berlin office and get to know us personally, we look forward to meeting you!

Sales growth & cost reduction

For you as a seller, there is nothing worse than being out of stock and not being able to deliver goods. If nothing is sold, no turnover is generated and the visibility of the product suffers. Thanks to Myos, you can grow without worries and always have enough cash flow to be able to deliver. But there are also many other potentials for sales growth & cost reduction:

  • Avoid OOS & always have goods in stock!

  • Launch new variants & expand your range!

  • Order more products & reduce your purchase prices!

  • Order more goods & reduce transport and storage costs!

  • Invest in marketing & advertising, generate ratings!

  • Prepare for your seasonal business! (Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.)

  • Avoid delivery bottlenecks & order in time! (Chinese New Year & Holidays)

  • Build your business! (Capital for service providers, employees, etc.)

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