The following points are important to us:

  • Your products have been sold in e-commerce for at least 2 months (e.g. on Amazon, eBay, online shop, etc.).

  • Your products have a shelf life of at least 1 year.

  • Your products will be sold for at least 5€.

  • Your products are ready for sale.

  • The following products are excluded: Weapons, ammunition, jewellery, branded watches, alcohol, perishable goods, electronics with a short product life cycle (mobile phones, laptops, etc.) and Corona products (masks, rapid tests, etc.).

You want to finance new products?

Unfortunately this is not possible, because we need at least 2 months sales history. However, we can finance one of your existing products and you can use the money for your new products. For example, if you sell yoga mats and want to re-launch gymnastic balls, we will give you money for your stock of yoga mats. With the money, you can then launch the gymnastic balls.

You want to launch a new version of an existing product?

No problem! We need the following information from you:

  • Link to the existing product.

  • When is the new variant to be launched?

  • At what sales price should the new variant be launched?

  • What is new about the variant? (another colour, 2-pack, other function, etc.).

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