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Why does Myos take the goods as a deposit?
Why does Myos take the goods as a deposit?

Myos, the virtual pawn shop ๐Ÿ 

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Think of Myos as a virtual pawnshop: You give your products as collateral and receive money in return. The warehouse releases the products to you as soon as you have paid for them. We already work together with many small and large warehouse service providers, so there is sure to be a suitable warehouse for your needs.

I already have a warehouse service provider, what now?

There is a high probability that we already work with your service provider. And even if not, we will simply ask the company and organize it for you.

I send my products directly to Amazon!

Congratulations, you can save a lot of money in the future! Temporary storage with a storage service provider is up to 70% cheaper than storage directly at Amazon. In addition, the warehouses are FBA-compatible and send the products to Amazon and Co. at lightning speed, so that you always have enough products in stock. Extra tasks such as labeling, repacking of goods, product inserts, etc. are no problem, the warehouses will be happy to support you.

I have my own warehouse!

Storage is also possible in your warehouse. For this, we only need a trustee to organize the release of goods. This will be determined in an additional contract. Just contact us directly.

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