Within 24 months you can repay flexibly at any time. Therefore it is important to us that you get the goods sold within 24 months. To check this, we need proof of your sales figures.

Connect your Amazon or Shopify store to the Myos app 🔐.

Log in to the Myos app with your user data. In the "Account" section under "Connect Your Shop", you can log in and connect to your store by clicking on the Amazon or Shopify button.

Set up Amazon Seller Central developer access 🔐

With the simple "step by step" instructions, you can set up an account with Amazon Seller Central in just a few minutes.

Read permission for sellerboard 🔐

We need authorization for the "Dashboard" area. Use an e-mail address with your company name and @myos.com, e.g. "[email protected]". You can assign the authorization under "Settings" → "Users".

Read permission for Shopify 🔐

We need authorization for the "Sales reports" section within "Analytics" → "Reports". Send us your store URL (ends on .myshopify.com) via email to [email protected] or directly to your contact person at Myos. We will send you an access request and then you can set the permission.

Screenshots 📸 (On request only)

Amazon Seller Central

Screenshot from the "Reports" section → "Statistics & Reports" → "Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item". Please enter the last 3 months as period. Please take a full-page screenshot.


Screenshot of the Dashboard area. Enter the last 3 months as period.

More tools

You are also welcome to upload screenshots of other sales channels (online shop, eBay, Shopify, etc.).

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