Within 9 months you can repay flexibly at any time. Therefore it is important to us that you get the goods sold within 9 months. To check this, we need a proof of your sales figures.

Screenshots 📸

Amazon Seller Central

Screenshot from the "Reports" section → "Statistics & Reports" → "Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item". Please enter the last 3 months as period. Please take a full page screenshot.


Screenshot of the Dashboard area. Enter the last 3 months as period.

More tools

You are also welcome to upload screenshots of other sales channels (online shop, eBay, Shopify etc.).

Read permission for Amazon Seller Central 🔐

We need an authorization for the "Reports" area → "Statistics & Reports". Use the e-mail address "[email protected]" for this purpose. We will receive an e-mail and confirm the invitation, then you can assign the authorization (instructions).

Read permission for sellerboard 🔐

We need an authorization for the "Dashboard" area. Use an e-mail address with your company name and @myos.com, e.g. "[email protected]". You can assign the authorization under "Settings" → "Users".

Read permission for Shopify 🔐

We need authorization for the "Sales reports" section within "Analytics" → "Reports". Send us your store URL (ends on .myshopify.com) via email to [email protected] or directly to your contact person at Myos. We will send you an access request and then you can set the permission.

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