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The Myos financing solutions
The Myos financing solutions

Stock financing, purchase financing & cross financing 💶

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Stock financing

Example: You sell products in the sports & fitness sector (yoga mats, gym balls, thera bands, etc.) and need money to launch weight bars as another product.

You still have 5,200 yoga mats and 4,700 gymnastic balls in stock. We evaluate your mats and balls and determine the financing volume which we can provide for the products. The products will be delivered to your storage service provider (or are already there) and you will be paid the Myos capital. With the additional liquidity, you can relax and launch your Dumbbells and invest in marketing activities to increase the visibility of your Dumbbells.

Purchase financing

Example: You sell raclette grills and want to place a bulk order of 100.000 €/£ with your manufacturer because Christmas is getting closer and closer. From production to sale, there are easily 5 months in which the money would be blocked.

You place the bulk order with your supplier. We take care of the down payment and/or balance payment and the order is delivered to your warehouse service provider. You receive a free quantity of raclette grills so that you can start selling directly. If you need more raclette grills, you simply pay back part of the financing amount and in return, the grills will be released. Thanks to Myos, you can boost your company's growth and prepare for your peak season.

Cross financing (alternative to factoring)

Example: You produced chocolate cookies worth 150,000 €/£ for REWE and handed over the goods. REWE will not pay back the money for 3 months. You urgently need the money immediately to buy raw materials for an Alnatura order. Otherwise, you would not be able to supply Alnatura, you would lose 135.000 €/£ and endanger your business relationship.

We will give you 150,000 €/£ or more by giving us part of your stock. Think of Myos as a virtual pawnshop: You give your goods as collateral and receive money in return. When you receive the money from REWE, you simply pay for the Myos project and end it prematurely. Of course without extra costs. Good to know: A factoring company collects the receivables from the debtor and therefore interferes massively with your customer relations. Myos never contacts your customers or manufacturers. Instead, we help you out with capital so that you can bridge the waiting period until the money is received. This allows you to supply major players with goods without compromising your cash flow.

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