When will I receive my final invoice?

Please make sure that all products have been cleared in the Myos app so that we can invoice the project. After your final payment, you will receive the final invoice within 10 business days. If a receivable arises from the settlement of the project, the payment due date is 10 business days after the invoice is sent. If the settlement results in a credit, we will transfer the outstanding amount to you within 10 business days after the invoice is sent. The invoice will list all repayments and accrued interest.

Helpful documents for accounting

To assist you or your tax advisor throughout the year-end process, or at any given time, we are happy to supply you with a range of documents relating to your loans. We can send you an overview of all repayments you sent to us in a specific year, a list of your accrued interest relating to certain payments, or a summary of the amount you borrowed from us. If you would like to receive these documents please contact us at [email protected].

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