Think of Myos as a virtual pawn shop: You give your goods as collateral and receive money in return. The warehouse releases the goods to you as soon as you have paid for them.

This is how the release of goods works

In the Myos app, click on the project and then on "Products" in the top right corner. Here you can tick the box for the products you wish to retrieve. When you have selected all the products, click on the "Request products" button. Now you can enter the quantities you want to request (only whole boxes can be requested). Click the button "Create release ticket" and the release of the goods will be submitted. You will then receive an email from Myos with your account information so that you can transfer the refund amount. You don't need to send us a bank transfer slip, we will be automatically informed about the receipt of payment.

Good to know: The inventory in the Myos app is only updated after Myos has confirmed the release of the goods.

When will I receive my goods?

After Myos has received the payment, a goods release document is sent to the warehouse and the goods are released. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bank transfer receipts as proof of payment and have to wait until the payment is actually received in our account.

I have made a mistake in the query or I still do not want to receive the goods

No worries. We only release goods for which we can register a receipt of payment. So if you made a mistake during the release of the goods or changed your mind, you can simply restart the release process.

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