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Set up a Seller Central developer access
Set up a Seller Central developer access

A step by step guide to setting up a seller central developer account 👣

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For this, we need your seller ID and your MWS-Auth token. You will receive both after you have authorized us as a developer.

  1. Add Myos to the list of your trusted applications.
    Open Amazon Seller Central (authentication required). Under the "App & Services" navigation item, select "Manage your apps". Click "Authorise new developer" and add Myos as a new developer. In order to do this, please make sure that the developer name and developer ID match the information in the screenshot and click "Next".

    Developer name: Myos

    Developer ID: 298884267393

    Amazon Seller Central: Authorise new developer

  2. Confirm Amazon's terms and conditions.

    Read the terms and conditions and confirm them by ticking the checkbox. Click "Next".

  3. Almost there!

    Copy the Seller ID and the MWS-Auth token from Amazon Seller Central and paste them into the two fields. Click "Next".

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